KIVO offers employees solar panels as secondary employment conditions


KIVO is fully engaged in sustainable entrepreneurship. We opened two recycling plants in 1.5 years, one in Volendam and one in Kosovo under the name REKS, a collaboration with KRAS Recycling. REKS enables fully circular plastic production. Our factories and offices in Volendam and Zwolle are also equipped with solar panels.
In addition, we have applied thickness reduction for a large number of our customers, i.e. thinner plastic films while maintaining the same quality, and – due to the establishment of our recycling plants – we add a lot of regenerate (recycled material) to our films. This ensures that no new oil has to be tapped in order to produce new plastics.

Director Robert Kwakman: “Our sustainability agenda is and remains well-filled. But we also wanted to do something for our employees in the field of sustainability. This resulted in the KIVO Solar Panel Plan. We offer solar panels as secondary employment condition. Together with Smit Elektrotechniek, the party that supplies the solar panels, we drew up a plan in which we offer our employees the opportunity to purchase solar panels at a reduced rate. On the one hand our employees enjoy a nice discount, on the other hand KIVO also offers the possibility to pre-finance the panels and have the employees pay this off via salary within a set period of a few years.โ€

Many employees were immediately enthusiastic, but there were also quite a few questions. After a walk-in consultancy in which everything was carefully explained by Smit Elektrotechniek and in which the financial possibilities were also explained by KIVO itself, almost 40 employees made the purchase.

Kwakman: “All employees who have solar panels could install an app from Smit on their phones in which they can monitor the output. That already provides a regular source of conversation on the work floor. As soon as some sunrays are visible, they immediately look at whose solar panels are the most profitable. It’s nice that as an employer we can contribute to a greener world and at the same time we can offer our employees an advantage”.