1. 1.

    Identification of
    customer needs

  2. 2.

    Analysis of
    sample material

  3. 3.

    Innovative proposal
    to customer

  4. 4.

    Test based
    on KIVO proposal

  5. 5.


Identification of customer needs

With the customer, details are collected, such as the current material that the customer uses, the consumption and order quantities, the application, the requirements of PE quality, specification of the packing line and other special requirements regarding speed and existing issues. If available, also samples of the current material are being collected.

Analysis of sample material

Samples of film will be analysed in our own lab and innovative proposal will be defined by our R&D department based on our detailed database we have built up.

Innovative proposal to customer

In many cases, the goal is to offer a thinner product with equal strength, but eventually better yield, better efficiency on the lines (higher packing speed, less downtime) and better sealing quality. In combination with our competitive pricing, this results in additional cost-savings for the customer. This will of course be substantiated with clear and careful calculations and tests.

Test based on KIVO proposal

After approval on the price a tailor made product will be produced and tested with the customer. Our experienced account managers and R&D managers will be present to fine-tune machine settings, or to take home any relevant feedback if necessary.


After successful testing time has come to gradually scale-up to normal order sizes. Together with the customer we will agree upon the preferred delivery and service. Please click here for our general terms on sales and delivery.