KIVO is the forerunner in downgauging. The use of thinner films requires less raw materials, more meters on the roll and gives less waste. Thickness reductions of up to 50% are no exception. A faster reduction of the impact on the environment is hardly possible. Contact us

Attractive to your wallet and the environment

KIVO Flexible Plastics is a booster of downgauging. The benefits for customer and environment are endless. By using innovative recipes, enormous savings can be achieved while maintaining or even improving the properties. The use of thinner films means less material costs per packaging, less raw material consumption and waste, more meters on the roll and therefore also has positive effects on machine downtime, transport, storage and energy consumption. Thicker reductions of no less than 50% are no exception.

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How does downgauging work?


Client Case – Liner film

For a customer who buys Liners from us, we have realized a 50% thickness reduction. In the thinner version, HDPE has the same degree of water vapor permeability as its thicker version. This is important because it concerns cement, powders, etc. Gravity remains intact because the paper on the outside of the liner is the carrier. Want to know more about our liner film? Take a look at the product page liner film.

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