Bagloader bags

KIVO has been a producer and supplier of plastic KPP bagloader bags for decades, of which we are the market leader in the Netherlands. The bread bags, also known in technical terms as bag loaders, bag loader bags or underwired bags, can be printed in full colour to create a logo and a lifelike image of the content. On the flexo printing page you can read more about the printing possibilities. Furthermore, our bags are available in both colour and transparency. Bagloader bags are customised bread packaging for fast bread packaging lines.

To illustrate some of the specifications of bread packaging bags:

  • Perfect transparency
  • Up to 10 colours print
  • Minimal downtime on the packaging machines

Ensuring food safety

Because our bags are used in the food industry, we are BRC-certified for many years. Our bags are therefore food safe and are produced under very strict hygienic conditions within our production sites.

bagloader bags

Market leader production of bagloader bags

Because our bagloader bags have superior flatness, thickness distribution and coefficient of friction, you can process the film on the bread packaging machine at maximum speed. Furthermore, our films are antistatic for good bundling and opening, strong side seals and easy to perforate. In addition, our films are available in different thicknesses to match the type of bread. The excellent properties minimize downtime on the packaging machines in the bakery – the waste of bread on the bakery floor is reduced to an absolute minimum. So you save costs.

Our bread bags are usually used for:

  • Industrial bakeries
  • Wholesalers

In addition, our bags are available in the following varieties:

  • Blocked bags
  • Hartmann bracket
  • Straight bracket
  • Pasteurisation proof


Video showing the processing of our bagloaders in an industrial bakery.

Our bags are, among other things, excellently processed on the following packaging machines:

  • Hartmann
  • Hartmann bracket
  • BSE
  • Finally, all our films are, of course, suitable for deep-freeze applications.

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