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KIVO Flexible Plastics & Extrusion

The production of flexible plastics by means of blow film extrusion forms the basis of KIVO Flexible Plastics. Since the foundation of KIVO in 1966, we have been producing plastics by means of blow film extrusion. With more than 57 years of experience in the industry, we are able to produce the most innovative films. We are able to produce thinner films while maintaining the same properties.

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How does extrusion work?

Extrusion is a continuous process, which takes place within KIVO 24/7. During extrusion, PE granules are heated and melted in a cylinder containing a rotating screw (the extruder). The rotating screw pushes the molten PE beads forward and ensures that the material flows through an extrusion gap. The extrusion head gives the desired shape (tube). A tube with a very thin wall emerges from the extruder nozzle. This is blown upwards with air, resulting in a huge plastic balloon in a continuous process. When it has cooled down, the foil is wrapped and possibly cut open.

Sustainable extrusion

Sustainability also plays an important role within the extrusion department. For example, we are a forerunner in the field of thickness reduction; we have a minimal amount of production waste (which we then recycle ourselves) and we are able to develop optimum films for you with a high percentage of recycled content. In addition, all our extruders are insulated and cooled using a closed circuit of bottom-cooled spring water and we have been awarded first prize for the MJA efficiency plan. Where we were praised for our energy efficient production processes.

More information about what we do in terms of sustainability? Go to the sustainability page!

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Our different extruders

KIVO’s machinery has grown and developed significantly over the past 57 years. The current machine park has 40 extruders, of which 30 are mono-extruders and 10 coextruders.

By using the latest technologies, training and good relationships with machine suppliers, we stay informed of the latest developments. This makes KIVO a forerunner when it comes to innovative products.

By using coextruders, KIVO is able to produce films with multiple layers to produce the right end product, tailored to your wishes and needs. Coextruders, for example, make it possible:

  • Giving the inside of the foil a different colour than the outside (think of potting soil bags).
  • Specific properties per layer; e.g. good sealability on the inside and a smooth surface on the outside.
  • Barrier-enhancing additives to be added to the middle layer.

With customers in dozens of industries spread over more than 24 countries around the world, no challenge is too difficult for us. Based on specific customer needs, recipes are selected and extensively tested. Of course, various additives can also be used to give the foil special mechanical or aesthetic properties. These include friction resistance (roughness and smoothness), tensile strength, staticity, puncture resistance, adhesion, sealability, flame retardancy, UV resistance, colouring, odour neutralisation, etc.


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