pcr plastic

Adding PCR In Plastic

KIVO is already very far in the development of adding recycled materials to our films. For multiple applications we already add various percentages of PCR. PCR is an abbreviation of post-consumer recycled and PCR packaging are products made from waste. Contact us

Shrink film with 50% recycled material

Previously, we only produced shrink films made of Virgin material. Currently we are able to add 50% transparent Post Consumer Recycled (PCR). We managed to realize this without making the film thicker. The demand from customers is therefore high. Many successful tests have already taken place and a number of our customers have already switched to the film with recycled material.

In addition to shrink films, this also applies to our cover films, for which the tests with pallet sleeves have already been very successful and we already supply various customers.

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blaue engel potting soil

Potting soil bags with 80% recycled material (Blaue Engel quality mark)

For our potting soil film we have largely replaced the birgin material with a film developed containing no less than 80% PCR. Because of this we are now also certified with the Blaue Engel quality mark. This makes KIVO Flexible Plastics the first in the Netherlands to carry this quality mark for potting compost film.

For some customers this label is an important marketing tool and weighs more and more against the sometimes slightly darker color of the film. After all, the quality is equivalent to the virgin material. Customers often go for the addition of 50% and do not always dare to make the step to 80%. KIVO thinks this is only a matter of time until it becomes widespread within the industry.

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collection bag

Collection bags made of thinner film and addition of 85% recycled plastic (PCR)

We are currently in the testing phase with a number of customers for collection bags with as much as 85% PCR up to a minimum thickness of 10 microns. With virgin material which is normally used, it is still possible to go a little thinner.

Demand from customers is high, as this is already required by law in Belgium. In 2021, all garbage bags must consist of 80% recycled material (of which at least 50% PCR). In addition to our Belgian customers, there is also demand from supermarkets, and the trend is changing. KIVO therefore expects that in other countries the legislation will also change and the demand for foils with recycled material will increase. With our recycling plant REKS we can easily meet this demand of high quality PCR to our customers.

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