Switch complex multi-laminates to mono-PE, up to 25% weight reduction and fully recyclable: the new sustainable frozen food packaging for Bonduelle stir fry ranges in France, Iberia and Eastern Europe

Bonduelle, a progressive brand in the food industry, recently took a major step forward in making their packaging more sustainable. In partnership with KIVO Flexible Plastics, they replaced a non-recyclable tri-laminate packaging with an innovative, recyclable mono-PE packaging, which is fully recyclable. This case study highlights how this collaboration led to both environmental benefits and operational improvements.

The challenge

The challenge lay in replacing a complex multi -laminate structure, which provided excellent barrier and aesthetic properties, but was not recyclable. This required a more sustainable alternative, without sacrificing the quality and functionality required for their products. Or, how Bonduelle calls it sustainable farming, sustainable food, sustainable packaging. By 2025, 100% of their packaging must be designed to be ‘recyclable or reusable’.

The solution

KIVO has developed a solution by introducing a mono-PE film that is completely recyclable. This film offers technical improvements. The thickness of the film has been reduced by 20 -25%. These changes have still led to a good  manufacturing performance.

Impact of this innovation

In addition, the quality of the High Definition Flexo printing has won awards at the EFTA Awards, a renowned award within the graphic printing industry. The printing also emphasises the recyclability of the packaging, encouraging consumers to choose sustainable packaging.

Future vision

These changes are part of a broader effort by Bonduelle and KIVO to continuously improve the sustainability of packaging. With the principle of ‘less is more’, both companies continue to work together to develop innovative solutions that not only meet current standards, but also anticipate future sustainability challenges in the industry.


The collaboration between Bonduelle and KIVO demonstrates how sustainability initiatives can still maintain operational outputs  and significant environmental benefits. This case study shows that innovative approaches and effective collaborations, sustainability can go hand in hand with performance and functional benefits.

Take the step to more sustainable packaging

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