Sustainability and Environment

KIVO Flexible Plastics is aware of its influence in the environment. We are therefore constantly changing to meet the highest of envrironmental standards.

KIVO Flexible Plastics & Sustainability and Envrionment

KIVO is aware of its influence on the environment. The production of foils does not only cost energy and raw materials, but unfortunately also contributes to the waste dump. This is why KIVO is unrolling a program aiming for an active contribution to diminish this waste dump. A program that is connected to all previous initiatives with this goal. We strive to minimize the ecological footprint, within every step of the production and distribution chain.

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Purchase & Storage
KIVO’s sustainability policy starts with the purchase and storage of raw materials and goods. When selecting suppliers, KIVO takes their view on sustainability into account. By focusing on sustainability directly at the source, it will follow in the subsequent production process. In addition, KIVO is a member of ‘Operation Clean Sweep’ to prevent waste and raw materials from wandering uncontrollably. Read more about this in the Purchasing & Storage blog.


Research & Development
At KIVO, a large part of the sustainability process takes place in product development. We reduce the use of raw materials, we promote reuse and recycling, and we limit the production surplus. Read more about this in the blog about sustainable product development.


Sustainable production
During the production process, we also take the impact on the environment into account. Hundreds of solar panels are available at all factory locations in the Netherlands. This allows us to produce a lot of products in an energy-neutral way. In addition, KIVO invests heavily in energy-efficient and sustainable production machines. Finally, KIVO produces lean for optimal efficiency and minimal waste. We recycle the waste from production for reuse. Read more about this in a blog soon.


Storage & Transport
KIVO takes strong account of the environment in the storage and transport of its goods. We use minimum intermediate and final stocks with efficient transport, using new, more energy-efficient trucks. A blog about this will be written soon.


Thinner films through thickness reduction
KIVO is champion in thickness reduction. The use of thinner films requires fewer raw materials, more meters on the roll and produces less waste. Thickness reductions of up to 50% are no exception. A faster reduction of the impact on the environment is hardly possible. A blog about this will be published soon.


High and constant product quality
Thanks to our constant product quality, we process the films optimally at the customer’s premises, so that we waste as little as possible. In addition, there is less waste of the end product due to longer shelf life and better protection. A blog on this will also be published here soon.


Finally, the waste from the retailers in the chain is collected and recycled. Further explanations will follow by means of a blog.

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