flexo printing

Flexo printing

Within the plastics industry, KIVO has been known for years for its leading flexo printing department. With its state-of-the-art machine park, KIVO is able to print up to 10 colors. Everything is possible, from a very simple print to a lifelike full color print. Contact us

All kinds of film printing

By continuously and proactively following and testing the latest developments in flexo printing technology, we have been one of the best in the European flexo market for years. This involves multiple factors. New developments are currently taking place, one of which is ‘Bellissima”. This is a new type of screening technique that we use to print in more detail.

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The Machines with which we print our films

Our flexo printing machine park, consists of a Miraflex (8 colors), a Novoflex (10 colors) and a Novoflex II (8 colors). These machines are equipped with the latest technical gadgets and can therefore guarantee a fantastic product. We use the latest cliché and screen-sleeving technology, such as Apex’s Kodak NX and GTT. This in combination with the highly pigmented ink from Doneck.

Apart from all of the above, we guarantee the expected quality though other factors, such as: color management, viscosity control and a high-tech camera system. Color management and viscosity control guarantee a perfect color quality according to PMS (Pantone Matching System). In combination with a high-tech camera system, this ensures a constant printing result. This means that the first edition is the same as the last. KIVO therefore has very satisfied customers that have been provided with printed matter for years.

Good machines and high quality peripherals are not yet a guarantee for a good result. As is sometimes said: ‘you can have a nice kitchen, but that does not mean you can cook well’. A well-equipped kitchen and good ingredients offer no guarantee for a delicious meal. Knowledge and skills also play an important role. KIVO’s printing department has been under the responsibility of John Zwetsloot and Vincent Tetro for years, together accounting for 57 years of experience within the flexo-world. In addition, the department has 25 highly motivated and trained employees who work in five shifts (24/7).

Zwetsloot: ‘In the past, people looked down on flexo, it was condemned as ‘stamping’. This has changed considerably. Flexo has become a real player and competitor to gravure printing. Flexo printing is much cheaper than gravure printing and the quality is almost the same.’

EFTA Benelux Flexo Awards

KIVO won its first prize at the EFTA Awards in 2015 with the printing of ‘Chicken Wings’ in just four colors. With the same print, we also participated in the FTA Europe Diamond Awards in 2016. This resulted in a second place, which was a good performance given the number of participants. We also participated in the 2017 Awards, this time with a potting soil film for Compo. We ended up in second place. Below you can see the two prints that we have won prizes with.

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winning flexo printing

Flexo printing different products

We are able to print many different products. Below is a list of a number of pages that tell you more about printing a certain product:

On the left you can see our potting film for Compo, with this print we finished second during the EFTA Awards in 2017!

flexo printing winning

Sustainability within Flexo printing

Alcohol fumes evaporate during the printing process, which is unavoidable. In order not to burden the environment, KIVO has an afterburner that neutralizes the alcohol before it is blown out. With this procedure, KIVO fully complies with European legislation and regulations.

In addition, we try to use as few colors as possible. This minimizes our ecological footprint. In some situations we are able to offer a comparable printing result with just four colors instead of more colors. Using less ink means less waste, so less environmental impact. This is part of the reason why we won the first prize in 2015. Want to know more about what we do about sustainability? Go to our sustainability page.

On the right you can see our printing of ‘Chicken Wings’. With this print we achieved 1st place in the EFTA Awards 2015 and 2nd place in the FTA Europe Diamond Awards 2016!

Optimalization printing department

With the slogan ‘ready for the future’, KIVO started a project to create maximum production and effectiveness in the printing department. The entire printing process has been examined. This project has had major consequences for the structure of the department. Partly due to the good cooperation with an external party, we achieved fantastic results.

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