KIVO Plastic Verpakkingen is one of the main producers of flexible plastics based on Polyethylene in Europe. Companies and households in over 20 countries use our products on a daily basis. Total produced volume of the group amounts up to 45kton per year. We divide our product portfolio into the following product groups:

For packaging
butter, margarine
and fats


Paperlike/Papermatch is a calcium carbonate filled HDPE film. The carefully developed recipe gives its outstanding special properties:

  • High tear resistance and puncture resistance
  • High barrier against oxygen and vapor
  • Good deadfold, which gives it the folding properties and appearance of packaging paper

In addition to butter, margarine and fats, Paperlike and Papermatch are also suitable as base material for labels and stickers. Paperlike/Papermatch is FDA approved and can be offered in 3 types; white, coloured and with UV light barrier. The material can be corona treated, is suitable for flexo printing, can be produced in widths up to 130 cm and runs well on most known packing lines.

Perfectly processed into bags
and inserted into boxes on
automated packing lines
Bag in Box

Bag Inserter

Bag-inserter is a gusseted tube of which bags are made on an automatic packing line. Especially in the food industry, packaging takes place increasingly on fully automated packing lines. When packaging bulk volumes, efficiency is one of the main drivers for success. These fully automated packing lines enable companies to unfold and erect the carton box, sealing/cutting the tube into a bag, insert it into the box, fill the bag, close the box and palletize it without interference of staff.

Through 25 years of experience with these products, we have been able to guarantee consistent quality and perfect runability. In addition, we ensure careful packing and transport of this product. KIVO is market leader in this segment and can fulfil most demands when it comes to dimensions and order size. Keeping safety stock is also a possibility. Serving you and helping you to find the lowest cost price of this product is important to us. Many companies all over the world have already put trust in us.

Seamlessly filled on
automated packing lines
Cold or Heat Resistant PP

Cold or Heat Resistant PP

Cold or Heat Resistant PP is a Cast Coex-film that is 100% applicable as packaging material for foodstuffs, such as bread. The PP-film applied by KIVO is carefully developed to run on most common bread packaging lines and Form Fill Seal machines.

  • High gloss and good haze
  • High stiffness and high slip
  • Cold Resistant PP (KPP) is suitable for deepfreeze applications
  • Heat Resistant PP (CPP) is suitable for pasteurization

Our PP films are corona treated, can be printed with flexo inks, can be produced from 22 micron onwards and in maximum widths of 130 cm. Most common applications are wicketer bags or blocked bags with tear-off perforation.

Up to 40% thickness
reduction whilst retaining
the same strength


Slimline is a 3-layer coextruded film. Slimline is applicable in both food and non-food segments. (i.e. collation shrink film for cans/bottles and furniture industry). With this thinner film (up to 40% thinner) you maintain the strength of the film you are currently using; especially the cold shrink force is unique. Additionally, Slimline has a good haze and gloss, important for presentation purposesses. Through downgauging you will use less material and you have more meters on the reel (same reel diameter), so less down time to change reels. Slimline can be printed with flexo print and maximum width is 180 cm.

Suitable for heavy and/or
hygroscopic products


Kivothene is an LDPE-based film. With Kivothene we can realise 30% thinner film (compared to most regular films on the market) whilst maintaining the same strength. Kivothene has high stiffness, high puncture resistance and high maximum force. Seal properties are perfect. This makes Kivothene suitable for packing hygroscopic products like powders.

The material has been tested in -60 degrees Celcius. Because of the high stiffness and maximum force it is suitable to carry heavy content weights (up to 50 kg). Kivothene can be printed and is available in widths up to 180 cm.

For automatic packing
from 250 grams
up to 25 kg
Form Fill and Seal

Form Fill and Seal

FFS is an automatic packaging film based on LDPE. FFS can be formed from flat film or tube depending on the packaging machine. KIVO developed a recipe with outstanding mechanical- and sealing properties that will run with high efficiency on FFS packing lines.

Through its unique recipe, sealing can be done at lower temperatures. Resulting in higher run speed and less wear and tear of the seal bars. The quality of the seal itself is better as well. The recipes comply to all European legislations on food packaging and are suitable for heavy duty and for deep freeze applications.

The corona-treated FFS films can be printed and are available in widths up to 180 cm.