Barrier film

Looking for a reliable manufacturer of Barrier film? Then you have come to the right place at KIVO Flexible Plastics. We have been supplying leading companies worldwide for more than 57 years. Contact us
  • Low OTR
  • Easy peel
  • Low sealing temperatures
  • Maximum output

Barrier film: extend the shelf life of fresh products

Are you looking for an efficient and sustainable packaging solution? Discover our high-quality barrier film, for your fresh products that need to have a longer shelf life. Our barrier film provides excellent protection by keeping oxygen out and keeping your products fresh for a longer time. We can supply this barrier film as a recyclable alternative, resulting in a lower ecological footprint and various financial benefits

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Barrier film with EVOH: a sustainable alternative

Our barrier film contains EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol), an additive that provides a barrier to oxygen and other gases. This innovative technology ensures an OTR (oxygen transmission rate) of, for example, less than 1, which keeps your products fresh for longer. We can offer you this while the barrier foil is still classified as a mono-material, even at a thickness of 60 microns.

EVOH offers oxygen permeability that is 4000 times better than LDPE.

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Benefits of Barrier Foil

  • Longer freshness: Excellent oxygen barrier (OTR) keeps products fresh longer.
  • Strong seal: Excellent hot-tack and seal strength for ‘leak-tight’ packaging.
  • Robust protection: High puncture and tear resistance, mechanical strength and excellent dart impact.
  • High quality printing: Up to 10 colors possible with flexo printing for ‘photo quality’.
  • Thickness reduction: Modern machines and materials allow us to produce our barrier films thinner, while retaining the properties and required barriers. This contributes to a better environment, is more sustainable and is more interesting in terms of cost price.
  • Tax benefit: Possible tax benefits through the use of more sustainable packaging materials (Rate differentiation 2.0).
  • Cost-effective: Less expensive compared to laminates, because fewer processes are required.
  • 100% recyclable: Our barrier film is 100% recyclable and meets the set standards for ‘mono-material’.

We are happy to investigate the possibilities

Are you considering switching from laminates to our recyclable barrier film? We would be happy to visit you for non-binding advice and to take a sample of your current foil. After an examination in our in-house laboratory, we can provide you with appropriate advice.

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