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Poly Bag Inserter

Looking for a reliable manufacturer of Poly bag inserter? Then you have come to the right place at KIVO Flexible Plastics. We have been supplying leading companies worldwide for more than 57 years. Contact us
  • 57 years of experience
  • Preferred supplier
  • Maximum output
  • Family owned company

Are you looking for a reliable manufacturer
of poly bag inserter with various possibilities?

KIVO has been a producer and supplier of plastic LDPE and HDPE bag inserter for decades. This is a tubular film with side folds suitable for automatic processing on, for example, packing lines of Pattyn and OK International. These bags can be produced both transparent and in colour. For the food industry we usually make foil in the colour blue. The foil can also be printed in-line with, for example, a recycling symbol or order number (e.g. by means of an ink-jet). Visit our flexo printing page for more information about printing.

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bag inserter production line

Processing poly bag inserter

KIVO is able to respond quickly and flexibly to any desired version and quantity. We are the only company worldwide that guarantees the flawless processing of this product. Keeping a buffer stock is also possible. Providing service is important to us, as is thinking along with our partners to achieve the lowest cost price.

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Food safety is guaranteed

Because our Bag Inserter bags are used in the food industry, we have a BRC certificate for many years. Our bags are therefore safe for food and are produced under very strict hygienic conditions within our production sites.
Furthermore, the bags are 100% recyclable. If the bags are heavily contaminated, the recycling of the bags will be more difficult.

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We produce bag inserter bags with the following possibilities:

  • Transparent
  • All kinds of colours
  • All kinds of thicknesses and sizes
  • In-line printing possible
  • Additives
  • Different packaging options
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  • Maximum Output The perfect recipe allows the machine to reach an exceptionally high number of branches per minute.
  • Preferred Supplier KIVO is the preferred supplier for, among others, machine supplier PATTYN.
  • Minimum Downtime Operators of our customers experience minimal downtime at the packaging machines.

Our bag inserters are mostly used within the food industry:

  • Butter-margarine processors
  • Fish processors
  • Meat processors
  • Freezing houses
  • Industrial bakeries
  • Seed processing plants
  • Cereal companies
  • Flour, barley and oats
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Poly bag-in-box producer

With this product, KIVO Flexible Plastics is market leader. Because of the narrow tolerances in width, combined with a straight winding and low winding tension, KIVO guarantees 100% smooth processing on the automatic packaging line. KIVO is able to react quickly and flexible to any desired quantity and lead time.

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