Shrink film

Our shrink film (wrap around or top and bottom film) is a coex-film. For decades KIVO has been a producer and supplier of plastic LDPE shrink film, which is available both transparent and coloured. Regardless of the colour of the film, the films are also available printed to show your logo, for example. On the flexo printing page you can read more about the printing possibilities.

To illustrate, some specifications of our shrink film:

We apply downgauging, which results in more meters on the reel by the same diameter, less changes and lower costs. Because the film is up to 40% thinner you need less space for storage, less space for transport, and it’s less harmfull for the environment.

Companies that purchase our shrink films are:

  • Bottling plants
  • Furniture manufacturers
  • Insulation panels manufacturers
  • Paper processing companies
  • Food industry
  • Electronics manufacturers
  • Wholesalers

To illustrate a number of specifications of our shrink films:

  • Up to use of 50% recycled plastic possible
  • Up to 10 coloured print
  • Up to 40% thinner while maintaining the same properties

Our shrink film is often used with:

  • The bundling of cans
  • Bundling of bottles
  • Bundling of evaporated milk
  • Toilet paper bundling
  • Bundling of cleaning products
  • Bundling of preserves in glass or tinplate
  • Bundling of laminate or parquet flooring
  • Bundling insulation material, glass wool
  • Bundling of walls and wall plates
  • Wrapping sawdust and wood fiber

And a lot more!

We produce shrink films with the following possibilities:

  • With full-colour print
  • With logo
  • Transparent
  • Coloured
  • All kinds of thicknesses and sizes (up to 40% thinner while maintaining the same properties
  • Use of recycled plastic

Recycling shrink film

Shrink films are 100% recyclable. This means that the waste can be recycled in the same or another application. This is because the film consists of one type of plastic: LDPE. When plastic consists of several types, it is poorly recyclable. In addition, shrink films are in many cases not heavily contaminated. In the ideal situation, the shrink film is stripped of the goods and collected again at a central location. This facilitates the collection of the films. Curious what we can do for you in terms of recycling? Together with its partners KRAS Recycling and KIVO Kosovo, KIVO is able to offer closed-loop solutions. Where your shrink film is collected and recycled into yet another new shrink film!

Furthermore, we are able to produce this film in both monoaxial and biaxial shrink.

By applying thickness reduction we make more meters on the roll possible with the same diameter, so fewer changes. This leads to less volume during storage, resulting in 30 to 40% less pallet spaces or savings on transport!

A few of the packaging machines that our shrink film processes well:

  • KHS(Covers)
  • Dimac
  • Zambelli
  • Kronos

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