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KIVO Flexible Plastics is one of the main producers of HDPE and LDPE films in Europe. The main office is located in Volendam, the Netherlands. KIVO offers a variety of mono- and coextruded flexible plastics based on LDPE and HDPE. We offer both finished and semi-finished products for further processing on our customer’s packaging lines. Below a selection from our product range.
liner film and tube – laminate film – FFS-film – bag-inserter tube – paperlike/papermatch – shrinkfilm and stretchhoods – garment bags and covers – furniture covers – car seat covers – refuse bags – breadbags – potato bags and much more

EFTA Award

1st & 2nd place
EFTA Flexo Award
2015 & 2017

2nd Place
Entrepreneurial Election NH

2nd place
FTA Diamond Award

is our

KIVO Flexible Plastics commits to continuous innovation, product development and sustainability. Important contributions have been made in the field of downgauging (reducing thickness). By continuously investing and anticipating on relevant market changes, KIVO has managed to grow and maintain a dominant position in various market segments in Europe. Companies and households in over 20 countries use our products on a daily basis.

The advantages of downgauging

Attractive to your wallet and the environment

KIVO Flexible Plastics is a driving force when it comes to downgauging. The advantages for customers and the environment are obvious. Through the development of innovative recipes, significant savings can be realised, whilst maintaining or even improving the quality of the material. The use of thinner film results in less raw material usage, less waste and more meters per reel. Therefore it has positive effects on raw material costs, production, storage and transport efficiency, energy consumption and hence the environment. Reductions in thickness of over 50% are not an exception.

Plastic Rol 1
Downgauging with retained – or even improved – material properties
  • Thickness of film: 60 Mu
  • Reel length: 1180 meter
  • Reel diameter: 31 cm
  • Weight per reel: 35 kg
Plastic Rol 2
You can wind 50% more meters of the downgauged material onto a reel with the original diameter
Plastic Rol 3
  • 40 Mu
  • 1180 meter
  • 26 cm
  • 27 kg
  • 40 Mu
  • 1770 meter
  • 31 cm
  • 35 kg

KIVO Flexible Plastics has always been aware of its responsibility towards its stakeholders, the community in general and the environment. We stimulate and ensure a healthy life and work environment for our employees and surrounding communities, and we strive to minimise the ecological impact of our business activities.

KIVO Flexible Plastics is a frontrunner when it comes to the introduction of and compliance with various CSR covenants and systems, such as: Integrale Milieutaakstelling, Bedrijfsmilieuplan, Elektronisch Milieujaarverslag, Meerjaren Afspraken Energie, Energie Efficiëncyplan, Energie Consumptieanalyse, Energiezuinige Productontwikkelingen, Energiezorgsysteem, Besluit Beheer Verpakkingen and Activiteitenbesluit. This is also acknowledged by winning the MJA price Chain Efficiency.

Especially through downgauging we have successfully introduced more sustainable products on various markets. This benefits the environment and ensures significant cost savings for our customers. In addition, our R&D department is continuously developing and testing more eco-friendly alternatives.

KIVO, focused on
sustainability &
the environment

KIVO Flexible Plastics: innovator in Europe

KIVO is one of the main producers of flexible plastics based on Polyethylene in Europe. From our factories in Volendam, Zwolle and Kosovo and through our sales agents we service our customers in 23 countries.

KIVO Locatie Volendam
  • Netherlands, Volendam
  • Head office and main sales and production location.
  • Julianaweg 194-202
  • 1131 DL Volendam
  • Netherlands
  • Tel: 0299 398800
  • Fax: 0299 398888
KIVO Locatie Zwolle
  • Netherlands, Zwolle
  • Modern production plant focused on confection of wicketer bags (breadbags).
  • Paxtonstraat 7
  • 8013 RP Zwolle
  • Netherlands
  • Tel: 038 465 5282
  • Fax: 038 465 4184
KIVO Locatie Kosovo
  • Kosovo, Kacanik
  • Modern production plant for mono- and coextrusion, flexo printing and confection of i.e. liner tube, magazine wrap, wicketer bags, crate liners and refuse bags.
  • Pr. Magjistralja
  • Kaçanik–Ferizaj, Km. 14
  • Kaçanik 71000
  • Kosovo
  • Tel: +383 (0)290 170 170
REKS Kosovo
  • Kosovo, Kacanik
  • Hypermoderne recyclingfabriek voor het sorteren, wassen en regenereren van plasticafval.
  • Pr. Magjistralja
  • Kaçanik–Ferizaj, Km. 14
  • Kaçanik 71000
  • Kosovo
  • Tel: +383 290 170 170

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