CircularBag nominated for Greenovation Award 2020


As producer of the CircularBag, we are proud to announce that Broekhof has been nominated for the Greenovation Award 2020 from Royal FloraHolland.

Together with all our partners within Circular Plastics, we have been able to develop a beautiful closed loop. The CircularBag is made out of 90% recycled plastic and is the collection bag for efficient collection of plastic flower foil, flower and plant sleeves and the shrink wrap around pallets and trolleys.

The full bags are returned to the Dutch flower auctions with their supplier, wholesaler or exporter via the existing distribution network, and are then recycled.

Thanks to the CircularBag, Circular Plastics can make new, 100% recycled flower sleeves from used ones.

Via the link below you can vote (in Dutch) for the CircularBag of Broekhof!

🌐 – VoteForCircularBagBroekhof