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Floral Film

Looking for a reliable manufacturer of Floral film? Then you have come to the right place at KIVO Flexible Plastics. We have been supplying leading companies worldwide for more than 57 years. Contact us
  • Own recycling plant
  • Family owned business
  • 57 years of experience
  • High quality (PCR)

Are you looking for a reliable manufacturer
of floral film with various possibilities?

KIVO has been a producer of high quality Floral Film for years, which are available in both transparent and colored. In addition, our foils can be printed up to 10 colors, see our flexo printing page for more information. We also achieve exceptionally good results with the use of PCR in our film. We are therefore able to produce flower film with up to 80% PCR! Please contact us to discuss the possibilities!


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We produce floral film with the following possibilities:

  • Printed up to 10 colors (award-winning quality)
  • With logo
  • Transparent
  • Coloured
  • Use of recycled material (up to 80% PCR)!
  • Both smooth and non-slip film possible
  • All widths possible up to 180cm
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Deployment of recyclate in flower film

We are able to add a percentage of recycled plastic in the foil for non-food applications while maintaining the mechanical properties as you are used to. For the production of film for potting soil bags, we have obtained the Blauer Engel certificate, the first in the Netherlands. For many films for potting soil bags we add 50 to 80% recycled plastic (PCR). This comes from our own recycling plant REKS, so we can guarantee the highest quality PCR!


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