1. 1.

    Identification of
    customer needs

  2. 2.

    Analysis of
    sample material

  3. 3.

    Innovative proposal
    to customer

  4. 4.

    Test based
    on KIVO proposal

  5. 5.


Identification of customer needs

We collect details at the customer, such as the current material that they use, the consumption and order quantities, the application, the requirements of PE quality, specification of the packing line and other special requirements regarding speed and existing issues. If available, we also collect samples of the current material.

Analysis of sample material

We analyse amples of film in our own lab on properties that define the strength of the material. If neccessary, consultation with raw material suppliers follows.

Innovative proposal to customer

After analysis of the foil, we compare the found material properties with the database we have built up. In this way we can submit a good proposal to the customer for each application. The starting point is that the KIVO proposal must be at least as strong as the analyzed sample. Matters such as possible savings through thickness reduction, better seal properties and higher filling / packing speed are included in the KIVO proposal as standard. Naturally, this proposal is financially supported, with the annual savings being shown.

Test based on KIVO proposal

After agreement on our proposal, we propose to supply a test role first. We will supervise while you test this role on your lines. When testing, we check whether any adjustments to the machine settings are required.


We can scale up after successfully processing the test roll. With this we gradually familiarize you and your operators with our new innovative foil. Together with you as a partner, we discuss how we guarantee the supply and desired service in the future. Please click here for our general terms on sales and delivery.