Bag Inserting

Bag Inserter is a tubular foil with side folds suitable for automatic processing. In the industry this product is also regularly called “liners for crates/boxes“.

With this product, KIVO Plastic Packaging is market leader. Because of the narrow tolerances in width, combined with a straight winding and low winding tension, KIVO guarantees 100% smooth processing on the automatic packingline. KIVO is able to react quickly and flexible to any desired quantity and lead time.

Furthermore, KIVO Plastic Packaging is the only one worldwide to give guarantee on the flawless processing of this product. Efficiency on the line of 99% can be achieved. It’s possible to agree on JIT delivery in order to guarantee maximum service at lowest pricelevel. Many companies around the world experience this now. Also because of our ISO and BRC conditions we guarantee flawless packaging process.

To illustrate some specifications of our bags:

In the food processing industry, packaging is becoming more and more automatic. Especially for bulk packaging where presentation is less important, but efficiency is all the more important.

Furthermore, thanks to our many years of experience, important elements in dimensioning and HACCP have been translated into a quality product over which KIVO Plastic Packaging even provides guarantee. KIVO is known for its good reputation.

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