Paperlike is a calcium carbonate filled HDPE film. It is an excellent alternative to parchment. It’s suitable for wrapping blocks of butter or margarine and fat from 125gr to 25kg. Paperlike is in the industry often referred to as papermatch .

To illustrate some specifications of our paperlike:

Our customers use paperlike for the following applications:

  • Butter packaging
  • Margarine packaging
  • Packaging fats
  • Oil packaging
  • Labels

In addition, our paperlike is available in three variants:

  • White
  • Coloured
  • UV-barrier

A selection of the packaging machines that process our FFS film well :

  • Bock & Söhne
  • Sigg
  • Benhill
  • Finally, a purchase supply is defined in consultation with our account manager (delivery schedule).

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