Since the establishment of KIVO Flexible Plastics in Volendam, we have been involved in the sealing and cutting of foils. We first extrude foils, after which we may print it in our flexo printing department. We can then process the films into semi-finished products or end products in the sealing department. Here we cut, fold and seal our products into the desired result. Think of folding and sealing a film that then serves as a car seat cover, waste bag of sheet for the food industry.

The machine park
Our current machine park is now spread over three locations; KIVO Volendam, KIVO Zwolle and KIVO Kosovo. The machine park now consists of 37 machines, with the KIVO Zwolle location focusing entirely on the sealing of bread bags for industrial bakeries. These bread bags can be found in supermarkets worldwide, and we are market leader in the Netherlands for the production of automatically packed bread bags. The locations in Kosovo and Volendam process a range of products on which we will focus below.

Products that we process
Within the KIVO Group, we seal and cut millions of products every day. Think of products such as: clothing covers, car seat covers, potato bags, vegetable bags, waste bags, bags for boxes, etc. These products serve the automatic processing of dairy products, seeds, breads, but also sheets for the food industry, including fish sheets. We produce these fish sheets for companies in the Netherlands, as well as the larger companies in countries such as Iceland. Our fish sheets are wanted because there is no poly-intrapment.

Recycling of production surplus
Sustainability plays an important role in the confection department. Here we collect the waste that is created by cutting or perforating products, after which we recycle the waste in our own recycling plant next to the production location: KIVO Recycling. We reuse the resulting recycled material in carefully selected applications, so that raw materials are not unnecessarily lost.