Shrink film

Our shrink film (wrap around or top and bottom film) is a coex-film. It can also be used for various applications in the food and non-food industry: e.g. bottling and furniture industry. In addition, the film can be produced up to 40% thinner while maintaining the same strength. This film is called slim line and is known for its excellent bundeling power. Especially in summer when temperatures in trucks go to around 45 degrees Celcius.

To illustrate, some specifications of our shrink film:

We apply downgauging, which results in more meters on the reel by the same diameter, less changes and lower costs. Because the film is up to 40% thinner you need less space for storage, less space for transport, and it’s less harmfull for the environment.

KIVO has proven records on packinglines like :

  • KHS (kisters)
  • Dimack
  • Sambelli
  • Finally, a purchase supply is defined in consultation with our account manager (delivery schedule).

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