KIVO Plastic Packaging offers you a wide range of plastic bread bags. With our bagloaders (bracket bags) we are market leader in the Netherlands. In addition, the cold or heat resistant PP films used by KIVO Plastic Packaging have been developed for the most common bread packaging machines. Because our bagloaders have superior flatness, thickness tolerance and coefficient of friction, you can process the bags at maximum speed on the wicketer machines with only 0.2% waste. Furthermore, our bags are antistatic for good bundling and opening and strong side seals. In addition, our bags are available in various thicknesses, which can be adjusted to every type of bread. The excellent running characteristics minimize downtime on the packaging machines in the bakery – the waste of bread in the bakery is kept to an absolute minimum. This saves costs. By the use of special granulate, sterilization up to 140 degrees is not a problem.

To illustrate some specifications of our bagloaders:

In addition, our bags are available in the following versions:

  • Blocked bags
  • U bracket
  • Blocked bottem
  • Pasteurization-proof

Finally, all our bags are suitable for frozen applications.

KIVO has proven records on packinglines like :

  • Gea
  • Rovema

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