VFFS packaging

VFFS packaging

For the automatic filling of products, customers often choose to pack with a VFFS packaging machine. In this article we explain everything about packing using the VFFS method.

What does VFFS packaging mean?

VFFS is an abbreviation for Vertical Form Fill Seal. It is a packaging system in which products are packed vertically. Different types of packaging can be made on the vertical machine. Various widths can be processed on these machines at high speeds (output). Eventually the bag is formed and filled on the machine in a vertical way, hence the name Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS).

VFFS (Vertical Form Fill and Seal)

The automatic packaging process on the machine starts with a large roll of film. The film is unwound and runs through the machine to the shoulder where it is formed into a bag and filled at the same time. This can be several different packaging types, varying from pillow bag to doypack. Depending on the width of the film and the length of the bag, various weights can be packed. This packaging method is often used in the food industry, also because of its flexibility and high processing speeds.

Vertical vffs packaging machine

Below you see a vertical packaging machine (GEA Smartpacker CX400).

GEA Smartpacker






Figure 1.1

Shown below is VH Vertical Packaging BV‘s Centurion.

VH Vertical Packaging Centurion VFFS Verpakken

When the VFFS packaging machine is operational, a roll of film is unwound and guided through the packaging machine by means of the correct web tension. The film then goes around a filling shoulder (see figure 1.2) after which it is formed into a bag. At the same time a product is (vertically) filled. After filling and sealing, the product is done and it is placed on a conveyor belt for further packaging.

filling shoulder





Figure 1.2

VFFS Film 

Depending on the product to be packaged, KIVO has developed various qualities of film for VFFS packaging machines.

This can vary from:

  • High puncture resistance (for sharp and/or frozen products)
  • High stroke speeds (hot-tack)
  • High gloss and transparency (for optical properties)
  • Excellent sealing properties (also peelable)
  • Wide seal window
  • Freezing resistance
  • With or without barrier (EVOH)
  • Smooth or non-slip qualities

The high-quality, coextruded PE qualities are thus tailored to your needs. In addition to the functional requirements, your wishes are also taken into account. In addition, in many cases we offer the possibility of producing a reduced thickness quality that has the same functional properties as your current film/quality. This leads to savings, as with a thinner thickness, more meters can be processed from the roll.

The PE based films can be printed up to 10 colors (see page about flexo printing) and are fully recyclable. We also offer the possibility to supply a film with a proportion of recycled material. For your specific wishes and possibilities, please contact one of our specialists.

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