Replacing laminates for recyclable film

Laminates are often designed subject to marketing and / or functional requirements: a beautiful gloss, sufficient rigidity, resistance to high temperatures in the production process and sometimes a barrier is required to ensure longer shelf life. Unfortunately, due to the composition of several different types of material in laminates, it is usually not possible to recycle it.

Replacing laminates for recyclable film

For a large number of packaging applications, we see that the laminate can easily be replaced by a non-laminated 100 % polyethylene (PE) film that is fully recyclable. This has successfully been introduced by KIVO for packaging of frozen vegetables, fruit and chips. Our special (FFS) PE film with extra stiffness can ensure the desired rigidity of the packaging, without having to compromise on the protection and shelf life of the product. We can now also deliver this film in a type that can be processed on heat seal systems.

Recyclable laminates consisting of 2 types of PE

In addition, we are also fully engaged in developing recyclable laminates (without the use of adhesives), using 2 types of PE (instead of PET or OPA with PE). These offer particularly good alternatives for, for example, stand-up pouches for soup and coffee. The challenge to make laminates recyclable lies in creating beautiful PE alternatives that also include the production process and the further processing process at the customer.

European Plastic Pact

As far as KIVO is concerned, the development of recyclable applications is essential for making packaging more sustainable. There are examples of laminate packaging whose design has exceeded its purpose. A shelf life of 2 years for candy wraps with a turnover rate of a few months, or a rigid bag that is not allowed to wrinkle due to aesthetic requirements is of course questionable. In specific cases, marketeers and customers will have to be willing to make small concessions on, for example, the look and feel in order to become more sustainable.

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