KIVO Flexible Plastics new sponsor local gymnastics club St. Mauritius Volendam

The new gymnastics competition season is about to start again. With effect from this new season, KIVO has become the new team sponsor of the men’s teams. This team from St. Mauritius Volendam is in the 2nd and 3rd division. KIVO Plastic Verpakkingen has been a loyal sponsor of St. Mauritius for many years.

Last Friday a photo was taken together at the beautiful renewed entrance of KIVO Plastic Verpakkingen.

On the photo a number of gymnasts from these men’s teams together with the trainers Ben Zwarthoed, Willem van Wijngaarden and John Buijs.

On behalf of KIVO, co-owner Louis Kwakman was present and Nico Sier on behalf of the St. Mauritius sponsorship committee.