Recycling of LDPE (film)

LDPE, like all types of ‘virgin’ plastic, is made from oil. It is therefore not biodegradable or compostable (read more about these topics on the page what are bioplastics?). However, provided that it meets a number of conditions, LDPE film is recyclable.

  • The film must consist of one type of material, i.e. not laminated with other types of material such as aluminum.
  • The foil must not be too contaminated.
  • The foil must have been collected separately or separated.

Recycling of films can be stimulated by designing more products from one material and by collecting clean streams separately on a larger scale.

The recyclate can be mixed with virgin PE. Depending on the application and requirements up to 25% to 100% of recyclate can be used. When a product demonstrably consists of 80% or more recyclate, it qualifies for the Blue Angel Certificate.

KIVO produces films for various applications using recyclate. This can be used for non-food applications. Applications include: shrink film, covering film, covers, garbage bags, foils for potting soil, gravel, wood, straw, and stone bags, foils for E-commerce bags, etc.

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