First batch of qualitative granules from REKS are a fact

A new factory is born! In mid-July, the first batch of recycled granules came from the REKS machine. And we have determined that the granulate is of very high quality.
REKS is the joint venture between KRAS Recycling, KIVO Kosovo and KIVO Volendam and focusses entirely on circular production.
The REKS Process starts at KRAS Recycling. They collect all the plastic waste from large companies and distribution centers and then transport it to REKS in Kosovo. The waste is sorted at REKS, washed and regenerated into recycled material. This was previously done in large volumes in China. Nowadays, a part still goes to destinations in Asia and a large part now goes to incinerators in Europe. However, by recycling under our own management in Kosovo, we can create closed loops, guarantee high quality, contribute to employment and development and are less harmful to the environment.

KIVO Kosovo will use part of the recyclate in the production of various applications, such as waste bags and collection bags.

Due to the current development within the plastic industry there is an increasing need for applications that are processed circularly. In the future, REKS also hopes develop more closed loop solutions. Consider, for example, shrink films for trays and six-packs that contain recycled material.