KIVO Recycling B.V. also BRC certified

kivo recycling brc

After obtaining the ISO-9001 certificate in June, KIVO Recycling B.V. is, in line with expectations, since last week also BRC certified. This means that the recycled material (PIR) produced at KIVO Recycling b.v. is suitable for use in plastic packaging that can be used directly with food.

Obtaining the BRC certificate strengthens KIVO’s position as a leading producer of plastic packaging materials and a specialist in the use of recycled materials, both PIR and PCR. (read: ”What is the difference between PIR and PCR?”)

Early 2019 KIVO Recycling B.V. started with the recycling of plastic waste. A substantial regeneration line has been placed in the building and has been running to full satisfaction for almost two years now. With this installation KIVO is better able to recycle all input and output material directly and fully traceable. The recyclate coming from the regeneration line has already been processed in a number of carefully selected non-food applications and since last week it can also be processed in carefully selected food applications.

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